Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2011 TV Review: Tuesday 1

Glee- (8, Fox, Returning) "The Purple Piano Project": I for the last two years have been a minor "Gleek". The show's first season is great and is something I am proud to say I like. The second season however suffered majorly from the "Sophomore Slump", when a show's second season fails to live up to its first. However, I went into the third season premiere hoping for the best. And in the end I was left with something worse that it just being plain old bad. I was left with a meh. Glee is still fun and interesting to watch. However, the show feels the need to consantly revert back to square one, throwing almost all previous continuity out the window. This was no exception as every plot point and change for the better that occured last season is quickly thrown aside for more weak character drama and been-there-done-that storylines. Glee may still be fun, but it's losing it's charm fast.

Favorite Part: The musical numbers
Least-Favorite Part: The plot discontinuity
The Verdict: 3 out of 6

New Girl- (9, Fox, New) "Pilot": Now I watched the pilot several weeks ago when it was available early on demand, but I rewatched last night and it reinforced what I already knew. This year has so far failed to deliver any brand new show that have been anything really worth watching from week to week. Not the case anymore though. Zoe Deschanel stars in the infectously fun show, which features a funny cast and well written dialouge. One to watch this season.

Favorite Part: The douchebag jar (If me and my friends had one, we'd all break even. Mostly)
Least Favorite Part: Jess can get a little too annoying
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

Raising Hope- (Fox, 9:30, Returning) "Prodigy": Raising Hope quickly became my favorite new of last year. Smart, funny and with a great cast, the show arguably perfected what shows like Modern Family already had already done very well: create a sitcom about an abnormal family situation. In this case, a man is saddled with a baby after a one-night-stand with a serial killer. The second season doesn't show any signs that the show will be slowing down as it followed Jimmy learning he was a great singer and piano player. Hilarious from start to finish, Hope is a show everyone should be watching.

Favorite Part: The opening song
Least Favorite Part: Can't think of one
The Verdict: 6 out of 6

See you later

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