Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 TV Review: Thursday 1: Part 2

Charlie's Angels- (8, ABC, New)- "Angel With A Broken Wing": Remaking a movie is something that rarely gives us a good film largely due to the fact than the movies being remade are movies than were popular, but never good to begin with or remakes of great movies than can never be topped. TV, however, should be able to remake shows with ease because of the large number of shows whose premises can be redone well. But very, very few remakes have found success. Rember Knight Rider? Bionic Woman? Wonder Woman didn't every get out of the pilot stage. However, last year Hawaii 5-0 prove a TV remake can be done well, so now ABC is trying their hand with a new Charlie's Angels. Long story short, they failed. Miserably. The show suffers from a long list of problems, mainly weak acting and shockingly bad writing ("I didn't know my heart could hurt so much" is an actual line from the episode). The one good think the show has going for it is it's nice production values.

Favorite Part: The production value
Least-Favorite Part: The random character killing in order for the show to have a "dark origin"
The Verdict: 2 out of 6

Person of Interest- (9, CBS, New)- "Pilot": I never was a fan of Lost. I thought it was confusing just to be confusing. So it surprises me to see just how little Person of Interest (Made by the same studio as Lost) had to do with Lost. That however, may or may not be a good thing. Interest is interesting (Get it?). The cast is great and the premise is fantastic. So then, why does it feel so average? Because it's a CBS procedural of course. the show, no matter how well made, is just so similar feeling it's kinda hard to take to it. Still, the cast and premise are enough to add it to my schedule this season.

Favorite Part: Michael Emerson
Least-Favorite Part: Isn't Taraji P. Henson suppose to be in this show?
The Verdict: 4 out of 6

The Mentalist- (10, CBS, Returning)- "Scarlett Ribbons": I'll keep this nice and short seeing as how I already reviewed the show in my review of last season's finale. The episode greatly wrapped up last season cliffhanger with a strong case and a nice reveal at the end.

Favorite Part: The interesting case
Least-Favorite Part: Grace's "I-shot-my-fiance-but-I'm-fine" performance
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

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