Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 TV Review: Tuesday 2

Now as you may have already noticed, Cinema Won has quickly evolved into Television Won and, while that would make a pretty good spinoff website, I will eventually get around to my movie news and reviews again. It's just that these TV post take me literally 5 minutes to write and I've been swamped with school work recently.

Glee- (8, Fox)- "I Am Unicorn": After last week's poor return, it's nice to see that Glee is seemingly back on track. The episode was fun and had some character moments that were honestly nice. However, the whole Brittney/Kurt president was VERY underdone.

Favorite Part: Shue's telling off of Quinn
Least-Favorite Part: Bland songs this week
The Verdict: 4 out of 6

New Girl- (9, Fox)- "Kryptonite": This week's episode follow Jess and her attempts to get her stuff back from her ex-boyfriend. The second episode continues the strong, though not spectacular, humor of the Pilot, while advancing the story just a little. Good, but still miss something to make it great.

Favorite Part: Schmitt. Don't really need to say anything else.
Least-Favorite Part: Jess is a little too annoying
The Verdict: 4 out of 6

Raising Hope- (9:30, Fox)- "Sabrina Has Money": This week the Chance family did the classic sitcom trope: One character is actually rich. This time around it was Sabrina who said she had cut herself off. The episode could have easily become cilche, but thankfully, it took a new spin on the concept. Plus, fancy toilets are just really funny.

Favorite Part: Burt trying to realize Sabrina has money
Least-Favorite Part: The ending was just a little too cheesy
The Verdict: 6 out of 6

See you later

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