Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 TV Review: Thursday 1: Part 1

Community- (8, NBC, Returning)- "Biology 101": Community is the by far on of the most underrated shows currently on television. The hysterical show features one of TV's most talented casts as they go to community college. The show is incredibly inventive. However, last night premiere focused mainly on the characters. The episode followed Jeff as he tried to rejoin the study group after getting kicked out of their Biology class. The episode, while not perfect, showed just how great the show is.

Favorite Part: The Dean Wars
Least-Favorite Part: Abed's very small (and lame) storyline
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

The Big Bang Theory- (8, CBS, Returning)- "The Skank Reflex Analysis": Where's Community is underrated, Big Bang is very highly rated, even being renewed for the next 2 TV season. Thankfully, unlike some shows *coughAmericanIdolcough*, Big Bang is popular because it is simply good. Often funny and with a great cast, the show entered it's 4th season on Thursday with two new episodes. The first and the better followed the aftermath of Penny and Raj's "hook-up" in last seasons finale. The show wrapped the storyline in a nice and believable way, and remained funny the whole time though. Though, like Monday's HIMYMs, the show never really reached the level of greatness it could have.

Favorite Part: Raj's expaination of what happened
Least-Favorite Part: Leonard's mother's lame cameo
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

"The Infestation Hypothesis": The second story followed Sheldon's attempts to get rid of a chair Penny found in the street. Though as funny as the first, the second episode was weaker due to it's lack of moving characters forward, save Leonard and Pria's online relationship.

Favorite Part: Sheldon is right for once
Least-Favorite Part: The episode ending before we see Sheldon reaction
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

Whitney- (9:30, NBC, New)- "Pilot": Whitney Cummings has two new show on TV this fall. the first, 2 Broke Girls, was an average comedy on CBS. The second, Whitney, stars Cummings as a woman in a long relationship. How riveting. Now, I went into Whitney (That's what she said!) with very low expectations after a series of painfully unfunny and annoying posters for the show appeared everywhere (The silent treatment isn't a reward it's not funny!). And, low and behold, the show sucks. Bland, unfunny and just plain boring, Whitney is a huge miss.

Favorite Part: Whitney's awful doctor role-playing
Least-Favorite Part: Literally everything else
The Verdict: 2 out of 6

See you later and stay online for Part 2 when I review the series premieres of Person of Interest and Charlie's Angels and the season premiere of The Mentalist.

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