Sunday, November 13, 2011

2010- 2011 TV Season Review: Week 8

Once Upon a Time- "Snow Falls"- 5 out of 6
The Walking Dead- "Cherokee Rose"- 4 out of 6
Hell on Wheels- "Pilot"- 3 out of 6
How I Met Your Mother- "Disaster Averted"- 6 out of 6
Terra Nova- "Nightfall"- 5 out of 6
Castle- "Heartbreak Hotel"- 4 out of 6
Glee- "The First Time"- 5 out of 6
New Girl- "Cece Crashes"- 6 out of 6
Raising Hope- "Jimmy and the Kid"- 4 out of 6
Psych- "Dead Man's Curveball"- 5 out of 6
Community- "Studies in Modern Movement"- 6 out of 6
The Big Bang Theory- "The Ornithophobia Diffusion"- 5 out of 6
Chuck- "Chuck vs the Frosted Tips"- 6 out of 6
A Gifted Man- "In Case of Exposure"- 5 out of 6
Supernatural- "Season 7, Time For a Wedding!"- 5 out of 6
Grimm- "Beeware"- 5 out of 6

Weekly Overview:
    An overall solid week so far. This week we had four show tie for the title of Best of the Week. How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Community and Chuck all had really great episodes this week. In the end though, New Girl was truly the funniest and best and gets the crown of Best of the Week.
    Worst of the Week is an easy pick. Unfortunately Hell on Wheels series premiere failed to impress as it was really too bland and slow to make much of an impression. I'll stick with it for a while, but it's not looking good.

Best Moments:
- Glee and Chuck both had their best episode of the season so far. Nice return to form.

- Elvis Castle.

- Schmitt does parkour! And hates cats!

- Psych made baseball interesting. Amazing!

- Karaoke on Community. Nuff' said.

Worst Moments:
- Man, The Walking Dead needs to pick up the pace.

- How I Met Your Mother let Barney out of the Ducky Tie. It was fun while it lasted.

- Supernatural, why is Becky still alive?

TV News:
- Billy Crystal is going to host the Oscars now. Also air is good and the sky is blue.

- Howard Stern might join as a judge on America's Got Talent. Ok, why not?

See you later.

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