Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011- 2012 TV Season Review: Week 12

Once Upon a Time- "The Shepard"- 5
How I Met Your Mother- "Symphony of Illumination"- 4
Castle- "Cuffed"- 5
Glee- "Hold On to Sixteen"- 4
New Girl- "Bad in Bed"- 5
Raising Hope- "The Men of New Natesville"- 6
Euerka- "Do You See What I See"- 3
Warehouse 13- "The Greatest Gift"- 6
Psych- "The Tao of Gus"- 6
The Big Bang Thoery- "The Speckerman Recurrence"- 4
Community- "Regional Holiday Music"- 4
Chuck- "Chuck vs the Hack-Off"- 5
Grimm- "Danse Macabre"- 5
Grimm- "The Three Bad Wolves"- 6

Best of the Week: Warehouse 13
Worst of the Week: Eureka

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