Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Warrior" Review


    I do not like sports. I understand why others like them. It's just that the same thrill most people get from sports I can get just as much if not more from movies, without having to give up 4 hours of my day to watch them. The fact that I don't like sports makes the fact that I absolutely love sport films all the more confusing. I, like most people love a good underdog story. So, where does Warrior, which came out this past September and I am now reviewing on DVD, stack up against the great underdog movies like Miracle or Field of Dreams? Let's find out.

   Warrior stars Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy as brothers Brendon and Tommy. Brendon is about to lose his house and has been suspended from his job as a physics teacher. Tommy is a former solder and is considered a war hero from saving fellow soldiers from drowning. When they learn of a cage fighting tournament where the winner gets 5 million dollars, they both enter. The film also stars Nick Nolte as Paddy, the brothers estranged father, Jennifer Morrison as Tess, Brendon's wife and Frank Grillo as Brendon's trainer.
    Directed by Gavin O'Conner, who also directed the aforementioned Miracle, once again as done a great job. Warrior is a fantastic movie. The lead actors all do fine jobs, especially Edgerton, who i haven't seen in any other major films. Nolte gives an emotional and charming performance. Morrison is supportive but never feels like just "the wife". Hardy clearly proves he is ready to be Bane in next year's The Dark Knight Rises. He handles himself very well in the film's brutal fight scenes

                                             The world's most intense staring match begins

    In fact, the fight scenes are what really makes this film. The are about 6 fight scenes in the film and the work how fight scenes should work. Each one builds off of the last and they get better and more intense as the film goes. The film's final fight is easily the best fight scene of the year. The film does a great job at getting the blood pumping. It might be predictable, but you're still on the edge of your seat as the fight goes on, cheering right along with the character when it ends. credit must be giving to O'Connor for film fight scenes where you can actually see what is going on.
    The character drama is also just as compelling as the fights. I haven't been drawn to a scene of just two people talking this much since The King's Speech last year, and that was my favorite film from 2010. Nolte especially deserve an award from the scene with him and the brothers. You feel for the guy because he really does feel sorry and does care about the boys, but you can see that he does kinda deserve it. The only thing I didn't really like about the film was it's abrupt ending. No epilogue, no paragraphs saying what happened to the characters, nothing. just credits.

                                              Is it me or is something off about the pictures
                                                           of the new Batman movie?

    In the end, Warrior is easily one of the best films of the year. It is predictable and it is cliched. However, the intense fight scenes, the great acting and powerful moments more than make up for the flaws. Overall, Warrior gets a 6 OUT OF 6.

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