Friday, December 9, 2011

Lonergan Time: Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred Review

A look into a surprising sequel.

    While my dear good friend Mitch is usually right about movies and games and such (, with his Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred, he could not be more wrong. For one, basing a review of a movie on its trailer is very uncouth, for shame, really. While it is sometimes true that you can tell a lot from a movie by its trailer, in a book and cover situation, looks can be deceiving. This is a perfect example, the movie, against ALL odds is actually not bad. The story is, in keeping with its Halloween nature, is this… Fred (Lucas Cruikshank), grieving the absence of his music teacher believes his new music teacher( Seth Morris) is a blood sucking, no sunlight, gothic vampire, and sets out to prove it to the world. 

          While it may be painful to hear, the movie was pretty… OK. The soundtrack was nothing special, not a surprise, but not bad. The cast was pretty good though, while the cast wasn’t really top notch in acting ability the characters were believable, like Siobhan Fallon as Fred’s white trash mom, Jake Weary as Kevin, the bully, John Cena as Fred’s dad… wait, John Cena? Like the big Pro Wrestler John Cena? Like “The Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena? 

         Yeah, not even John Cena AS Fred’s dad, in the movie, John Cena IS Fred’s dad, including some incredibly weird scenes where Fred and John Cena fight others in a pro wrestling ring. Which makes me think, maybe, because of the fantasy aspect of the whole thing, that Fred at one had a head injury that makes him believe these things are true. It does make sense, especially if you consider the fact that none of it makes any sense. He is brain damaged enough to hear and see these things but not enough to be dysfunctional and is let free. So any questions that you would have, like “why does he always wear the same shirt” or “SERIOUSLY? JOHN CENA?” are now answered. 

        The movie is decent enough that you won’t have to really groan if a little brother/sister (or peer I guess) wants to watch it but I wouldn’t really seek it out if you aren’t already wanting to watch it. I would give it a 3 out of 6. As long as it’s free you might be surprised. Defiantly not as bad as the first movie. But WARNING: HIS VOICE IS HIGH PITCHED THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE.

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