Friday, September 28, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "Divergent" Book Review

Today, The Undefined Gamer reads a book!

    Ever wonder what would happen if America got nuked and people with
BS ideas took over? The Hunger Games.... and Divergent, explore that.
    Divergent is a book about a world, or rather a futurustic Chicago,
where people cannot leave the city and are forced into factions based
on their personalities (i.e. fearless= Dauntless). Each faction is
assigned to soecific jobs, like the selfless Abnegation are un charge
of Government, while Dauntless take care of security, and those
without factionless just... rot on the streets.
    The main characters, Beatrice, decides to transfer from Abnegation
to Dauntless... and gets far, far more than she bargained for. And
yes, despite my doubts about the book and the fact that I all-out
hatebthis universe, I admit it is well written and seemlessly knits
really clever plot devices and opinions about the world in, which
definately add to the book. Stephanie Roth really has the teenage
physcie down to a tee, and as a result Beatrice (later referred to as
Tris) is a very likeable and believable teenager.
    And shockingly enough, she is actually the most interesting
character. Yeah sure the villain, Jeanine, is interesting, although
not all that threating, and despite the fact she's head of the brainy
Erudite Faction, she doesn't seem all that smart. I mean really, where
did she learn how to set up and run an evil ductatorship? Hitler?
President Snow? Because really, I can totally see a teenage girl like
Tris toppling it over. It's not that well planned out. Too many
variables she could've controlled. And it's not like she's all
powerful so she can afford variables. Nope, she's kind of a fat old
lady, who has a huge IQ score. IQ that, bitch!
     This book has twists and turns that will have you guessing
what'll come next, believable characters, and an all around hateable
universe you want to see changed. All around, a pretty good read. Plus
the cover art is nice and shiny. Oooohhhh Shiny.


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