Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Dorothy of Oz" Looks Terrible (Literally)

    One of the things I really can't understand is why there is a surprisingly large influx of new Wizard of Oz stories coming out in 2013. First, there was Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful, which I think kinda looks just okay. Now there is the computer-animated Dorothy of Oz, which looks like it's comes to you directly from the direct-to-DVD bin at your local Target.

    Stepping away from the terrible animation for one minute, the trailer's "Aw, look, all the Wizard of Oz characters are back and they are still so precious" cuteness completely clashes with the whole "Creepy puppeteer turns humans into dolls" plot. Through not the creepiest thing to come out of an OZ movies, it still doesn't work in the trailer, especially with it clearly cashing in on the fact the star Lea Michele is on Glee and can sing by having this cute song play. And then, for a 60 million dollar production, the animation is shockingly bad. But, still, if you want to see Dorothy of OZ (Though I don't know why) it comes in 2013... sometime anyway.

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