Saturday, September 29, 2012

TV Pilot Marathon: Episode 4: Vegas, Last Resort and Elementary

The TV Pilot Marathon continues with reviews of 
Vegas, Last Resort and Elementary.

Vegas (Tuesdays, 10, CBS)- The latest in the long line of CBS crime procedurals, Vegas is a period piece set in, you guessed it, Las Vegas that, all in all, isn't that bad at all. The show follows Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid), a rancher who finds himself becoming the sheriff of Las Vegas in the 1960s, right as the city was starting to flourish. Along side his deputies, his brother, Jack (Jason O'Mara) and his son, Dixon (Taylor Handley), assistant DA Katherine (Carrie-Anne Moss), attempt to clean up Vegas, though crime boss Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) has other ideas.
    While Vegas isn't anything new or groundbreaking, it is certainly solid. Quaid is solid in the role of the sheriff. O'Mara is solid in the role of the deputy. Why, yes. Chiklis is solid in the role of the gangster. How did you know? Look, this show is entertaining. It's well-made with a strong cast and I think it will be something I stick with. If you want something revolutionary... then you probably won't find it on CBS. But, if you're looking for a good show to watch Tuesday Night, Vegas is the show for you. Vegas gets 4 and a half stars out of 6.

Last Resort (Thursdays, 8, ABC)- This is what I've been waiting for. A pilot where, once it ends, I know I am sticking with it for the full season. Last Resort follows the crew of the submarine USS Colorado. Lead by Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) and second-in-command Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman), the crew refuses to fire nuclear missiles onto Pakistan due to the suspicious nature of the requests. Soon after, the Colorado is fired upon and the crew are forced to evacuated to a small island with a NATO station, lead by Sophie (Camille De Pazzis), which they take over as their own. Outcast by the country they swore to protect, the crew tries to find out what is going on and get home to their families.
    So far, it is safe to say that Last Resort was my favorite pilot this season. I haven't been on the edge of my seat in a while, and yet this show put me firmly there. The acting isn't the greatest, but the rest of the show is pretty damn good. The problem with these types of show is that they may not be able to keep the story going for an entire series and I hope that's not the case with Last Resort. I really enjoyed the pilot and recommend that everyone else take a look. Last Resort gets 5 and a half stars out of 6.

Elementary (Thursdays, 10, CBS)- Yet another new CBS procedural, though, this time with a little twist. This is a new take on the classic story of Sherlock Holmes. This time around, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is given an assistant, Jane Watson (Lucy Liu) by his father after he leaves rehab. Along side Watson and police captain Tobias Gregson (Aidan Quinn), Holmes works in New York City in order to solve all of the mysteries no one else can.
    Again, like Vegas, this show does break new ground in terms of crime dramas. However, it does definitely do enough to separate itself from the superior BBC Sherlock series. Liu does a good job as Watson, Miller is great as Homles and the show's style is different and interesting enough to make me want to keep watching the show. Fans of classic Holmes may have to get over the changes, but as a huge fan of the book, let me just say that I really liked this show and think it is a worthwhile addition to anyone's TV schedule. Elementary gets 5 stars out of 6.

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