Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Undefined Gamer's New Home

  As you may have noticed, Cinema Won has worked alongside fellow blog The Undefined Gamer since both of the blogs have been around. Well, there is a bit of sad news today. As you may have noticed, posts over at The Undefined Gamer have slowed to a stop recently. For many reasons, The Undefined Gamer is officially shutting down this week. Now,the site will be left up, so all of the old posts will remain viewable. As for all new posts however, The Undefined Gamer isn't leaving you hanging. From now on, you can find brand new post from him here on Cinema Won! Starting with this collection of mini-reviews...

Spoiler Warning!

The Hunger Games-
     This movie is basically the product of a small budget company (Actually this was a HUGE production-- Alex)
working with everything they've got in their arsenal, which isn't
alot, and it well, works. Although personally I didn't enjoy the film,
it's not that kind of feel-good film, it certaintly keeps you on your
toes, and a lot of the time it is not what the characters say but
rather what they didn't say that makes this movie so good. Jennifer
Laurence proves yes she's hot, and she can act errr kill people. And
Hutcherson proves he can paint a mean tree. Both actors I came in not
caring too much who they are, but man did I leave with them on my
radar (although I admit I still particularly don't like them, like the
movie, just they're noticeable, like the movie as well)


 Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    One of the greatest movies ever made? No. At least in my opinion.
Though I admit it is stil good, and is definately one (if not the)
best Shwartzenegger film. I still can't get over how genius it was to
have Schwartzenegger play an emotionless robot. This role was perfect
for him! Though the CGI is a little weak, and there are plotholes, the
film definately has a huge lasting impression on me. I mean really, a
Terminator so devoted to destroying its own kind it would be ready
to sacrifice itself? How err noble.


    Ridley Scott's Satiric Sci-Fi horror leaves me with basically...
mental scars. Needless to say I don't like it. In a Sci-Fi movie, even
a Sci-Fi horror movie, I want to be at least a little dazzled by the
new technology and setting. But no. Alien reeks of 1979 Sci-Fi
fakeness and plastic. And disgusting shit. So naturally being a 21st-
Century kid who takes modern special effects for granted, I was turned
off by the film, and found it hard to get invested into it. I mean,
sure I'll score it based off the fact that it's one of the first of
its kind, but really, kids today won't get into this. They'd rather
watch Prometheus with all these eye catchy special effects, and, well,
likeable characters. And that's another problem I found. I have
trouble giving a shit about these characters before thet die. All in
all I'll grade it from a historical point of view, bit I still really
don't want to see this again.


      Much better than the first, we find Ripley in a much more
horrific setting, as thanks to dumbass scientists and colonists, there
is a human colony with Aliens on it! And yes, nothing goes right and
as you may have guessed, most of the characters die! And it's as
predictable as shit! But however like the Hunger Games and Terminator
2, it does it's best to keep you on your toes, so despite how
predictable each Alien attack is, you still question who will come out
alive. The effects got slightly better, and is much more enjoyable,
and scarringnthan the original. I mean the slime that holds dead
people is just, unnggh. I'd rather be Borg'd



  1. You didn't like Alien? You're fired. And how was it satiric?

    1. Think about Ridley Scott's attitude towards the company financing this trip, and the whole "expendable," workers plot point.