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An Undefined Gamer Lost Review: "Bionicle: Battle for Power #1"

Note from The Undefined Gamer: This review was supposed to be for my 2nd anniversary. I planned on reviewing a whole week of Bionicle comics. However, for some reason, after writing the first review, the rest of the comics where deleted from my mind. Meanwhile, this review was forgotten and left to rot in my "Draft" section of my e-mail. Well, better late than never. Here's Bionicle: Battle For Power Number One.

      Lo and behold it has been two brief years since I picked up a mouse
and began reviewing every thing I could think of! Last year, on, for my one year anniversary, I gave
you a whole week full of reviews. This year, I've decided to do the
same deal, only with comics.
      On Cinema Won, I've reviewed for you Bionicle: The Legend Reborn
and have written a review of the very first compilation graphic novel
based on this series. However, this time around, we're going to travel
back to Bionicle's final two years.
      The first year in Bionicle Comics that we'll see is 2008.
Considered by many to be Bionicle's most prosperous year, it was
inedivately followed by 2009, the year the titan fell. What could lead
Lego's most prosperous original brand to go from peaking to near
bankrupty? Lets find out.
      Our first issue of the year, Realm of Fear, centers around the
massive cavern at the heart of the Mata Nui robot called Karda Nui.
There live matoran of light (Av-Matoran), who have peacefully existed
for thousands of years alongside the most ancient of all technologies
in the robot.
      It opens to three Av-Matoran, Photok, Solek, and Tanma, being
chased by three hideously warped Makuta, Antroz, Vamprah, and Chirox.
Taking place a day before Toa Matoro sacrificed his life force to save
the Matoran Universe, apparently while the world had been falling
apart, the Brotherhood of Makuta had been scheming. I mean, it was
only the end of the world. How dare that little detail ruin our plans!
      Apparently these three Makuta had been mutated off-scene (vital
events happening off-scene is a defining trademark of the comics).
This rendered them blind.
      These Makuta carry items known as shadow leeches, which can turn
matoran like Solek, Photok, and Tanma into mindless slaves. Matoran
that they have enslaved and are physcically linked to act as their
eyes. Their reason for being in Karda Nui: enslave the Av-Matoran.
      Do not fear! The Toa Nuva, whom come fresh off a 2 long year hiatus
in the comics (all of there story happened... offscene!), just seem to
appear out of nowhere! Wow that's lucky!
      Ihe Nuva actually have a very legit reason for being there, yet the
comic fails to mention why. It seems like it was cut just to save
room, and its sad because their journey to Karda Nui actually was
really interesting and well-written.
      If you read the novellas.
      Butchering the story; another timeless trait of the comics.
      Eventually the three Toa Nuva fend off the Makuta and save Photok,
Tanma, and Solek, and they meet up off-camera with the other three
members of their group offscreen (mainly because their sets wheren't
designed yet). They devise a plan; The three Toa Nuva showed
previously will defend the Av-Matoran villages, while the ither three
Toa Nuva will search the swamps at the bittom of Karda Nui cavern for
the Mask of Life, which was last seen flying from Matoro's face once
he sacrificed himself.
      The Makuta, too meet up and decide to summon Makuta Icarax to take
care of the Toa, before serving up a friendly portion of butt-kick to
the Toa themselves.
      The comic ends with the Mask of Life, which actually has a sentient
mind, forming a body for itself, inspired by Toa Matoro, to kick some
Makuta ass as Toa Ignika.
      The art is stellar. Leigh Gallagher does a stellar job at the
diificult task of replacing Stewart Sayger, whose renown style had
helped usher in new interest to the series in 2006 and 2005. The
writing could've been better, and the story could've been
less-butchered. If I picked up this comic even with minimal knowledge
of the Bioncle universe, I would not know what is going on. This is
bad. There is no need to cut those pages, especially ones pertaining
to the Toa Nuva's quest to reach Karda Nui, except the usual bullshit:
not enough money in the budget, lets maximize profit.

I give the first issue of 2008 a 4/6

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