Friday, November 15, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "The Night of the Doctor"

Mitch predicted the future.
I'll now call him Mr. Predictipants.

      A couple weeks (or months) ago, I complained about how its a shame that Paul McGann was snubbed in the casting of the 50th Anniversary Special. Well, Steven Moffat made amends with the fanbase, as Paul McGann Got his very own minisode titled "The Night of the Doctor," tying into the 50th, which is titled "The Day of the Doctor."Which you can see here:
      The minisode is very interesting. Set during The Time War, it reveals that John Hurt is indeed the true 9th Doctor (making Smith technically the 12th Doctor). However, as this regeneration was intentionally triggered by a potion, it can implied that this was an artificial regeneration, meaning that Smith would still be the 11th natural regeneration of the Doctor. If not, this means that right after Smith regenerates there will be another actor playing the Doctor; for in between the 12th and 13th regeneration the Valyard is slated to come. The Valyard is a classic DW character and Moffat has made several references to his coming, so there is absolutely no reason why the Valyard would not come when he's supposed to.
      I think they're going to stick with the "11 natural regenerations" plot point, as it would complicate their plans to have Capaldi appear in the final minutes of the Christmas special.
      What are your thoughts?

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