Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 TV Season: Monday 3

How I Met Your Mother- (8, CBS)- "The Stinson Missile Crisis": After the past couple of good episodes, it's only natural for a show to fall a little bit. This week Robin told a psychiatrist about why she assaulted a woman and Ted became too hands-on with Lily's pregnancy. This week felt like the stories were just two kinda-funny joke stretched out until it started to break. Some funny moments, but not many.

Favorite Part: Ted's flashbacks of him as a third wheel
Least-Favorite Part: Ted got really weird this episode
The Verdict: 3 out of 6

Terra Nova- (8, Fox)- "Instinct": This weeks episode follwed the colony as they tried to stop a group of dino-birds from going all The Birds on Terra Nova. This week's episode improved greatly on the premiere and while not perfect, the show is seemingly become what we all hoped it would be: fun and exciting.

Favorite Part: The fact that the show is Eureka in the prehistoric age. Think about it. Town filled with scientist suffers from a scientific screw-up and a street-smart, but not really book-smart guy saves the day. Sound familiar?
Least-Favorite Part: So, the son's all nice now?
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

See you later

P.S. So, The Playboy Club got cancelled. Gues the ratings couldn't get it up. Thank you, I'm be here all week.

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