Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011: Chapmaniac Crossover "Fred 2"

As part of Halloween 2011, here's my friends, The Chapmaniac's review of the Fred 2 trailer.

Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred Trailer Review
    Don't you all remember a failed little movie named Fred? Of course
not! If you're like me, you're just going on and pretending this
little failure doesn't exist. Well, guess what? Something magical
happened last year. Fred made enough money to make a sequel. And based
off of the trailers I've seen, it's WORSE than the original. Oh god.
Grab your pepper spray, guys. The trailers themselves actually, in my
opinion, make Fred more annoying than he already is if that's
possible, and rip off unfunny Vampires Suck jokes. Yep, that's right
folks, Fred 2 has ripped off the lowest form of life. Why? Why?
    Well, I'll tell you. Mad (the horrendous TV show) made a spoof if
Twilight with Fred, because as we all know Terrible Movie + Terrible
Movie = Funny Spoof, right? Well, it should've, but with no adult
humor, it's just offensive and unfunny, sort of like the Irate Gamer.
Come on guys, you know it's true!
    So basically it seems Fred liked it, god knows why, and decided to
build a terrible Halloween-themed movie about it. Well, at least he
picked the right holiday for it, for this movie is likely to be so bad
it's scary. How bad? Well Fred 1 was at Human Centipede level for
reviews, so I predict Fred 2 will be even below that. Guys, stop
giving 1 Star movies sequels.

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