Friday, January 3, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: A Gamer Any Longer?

      Hi. My name is Mitch. I've been reviewing books, video games, and
movies for a while now. For about 6 months, I went as the Video
GAManiac (hence my youtube username thechapmaniac1 and later
thechapmaniac4) until I changed it to The Undefined Gamer, which is
what I've gone by for the last two years.
      But should I still call myself a Gamer?

      Originally, it made sense. I reviewed primarily games on my blog.
Movies came secondary. I was a sophomore with time on my hands, a Wii,
and a brand-new Youtube. Junior year saw my time deteriorate, as
school got more intense, and as I decided to do Youtube more
frequently, yet I still made time for games, hence the relevence of my
second title 'The Undefined Gamer.'
      However, now, it has absolutely no relevance. Senior year has been
hellish. Between college preparation, extra-curriculars, and school,
I've had no time (or money) for games.
      I'm surprised that I've been able to find time for thechapmaniac4 and this.
      The other thing that's changed, is my passions. Though I've always
wanted to be a writer, in the last two years, I've grown dramatically
as one. As a result, I've found a profound appreciation for film,
literature, and television. Games however, I have not.
      The other issue I've faced is time management. A book or movie I
usually can predict how long I'm going to commit to it, but a game, I
have no idea. When I'm also writing my own stories in the background,
I really can't afford random variables like this.
      Then there's cash. I really have no money for the next Pokemon game,
and am terrible at pirating games.
      So why do I keep this title? Honestly, because I'm too lazy to change
it. "The Undefined Critic" just seems too generic, and as someone
whose already went through a persona change, I know how really not fun
starting over can be.
      Then there's the fact that I hope one day to get into video reviews. As
some of my earlier reviews are hopelessly primitive, it would be much
easier to start a new show with a new persona.
      So text reviews in general are basically a phase for me, so despite
the fact that I review way more movies than games, thus making my
title pretty ill-fitting at the moment, it doesn't matter. I'll do
other forms of review elsewhere later, under new personas.
      Heck, I've even started doing that, as Echo 1 has hired me as a writer
for his Bionicritical series on Youtube.
      So that's the reason why I haven't changed my name.
      When both Cinema Won and I cross over to video reviews, I'll be there,
just under a different name.
      Those most likely will get done in college, though episodes will
probably be made anywhere to every 2 weeks to every 2 months. I'm
going to make them right, which means I'm going to take my time.
      This show will either become a partner with Machinma or its own entity
altogether, like

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