Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Ultimate Lists of Ultimate Destinies

      Yes, it's a new year, which means a new look for Cinema Won! And new stuffs going on! This year I wanted to do something similar to the theme months I've done in the past. So, obviously, the best answer was to never do a theme month again. Yeah. Now, I will still do Halloween and Christmas months and something special around the site's anniversary. But, for now, I plan on doing something a bit different.
      I have made three lists, each with a long number of films/TV shows that I plan to review. But here's the catch. The lists are kinda like a fallback. If I don't have a movie to get from Netflix or I want a movie to watch on Instant, I watch a movie on one of these lists. So there is really no pressure for me to review everything quickly, which has been a problem in the past and would get worse with the sheer number of films on these lists. If I reviewed one film a day, it would take me a little over a full year to do it. So yeah, gonna take my time with these,
      So here are the lists. First up, The Ultimate Superhero List. Yes, with this list I have chosen a little over 120 superhero themed movies to watch and hopefully review. Some are based on DC Comics, some Marvel, Dark Horse and some are original to the movie they're in. And it's not all theatrical either. I have the DC Animated films, the Marvel ones, some direct-to-DVD films. Even that one weird KISS movie. I've got it all. Next is The Ultimate Childhood List. This list features over 150 DVD collections, film versions, special episodes and the like for all the shows I watched when I was a kid, mainly from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. That also includes every Disney Channel Original Movie I can get my hands on. And speaking of Disney, the third and biggest list The Ultimate Disney List. That list features over 180 of Disney's theatrical films from the beginning of Disney. All the sequels, prequels and other-quels included, animated or live-action and even some direct-to-DVD. Even their nature movies. It'll be crazy! And with that, look for those lists to kick off later this week. I've got a long way to go, and everybody's coming with me. Whether they want to or not.

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