Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: Majora's Mask Deserves a Remake

So far we've gotten brand new Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time
cartridges. Why hasn't Nintendo moved on to Majora's Mask.

      Regarded as one of the series's best, Majora's Mask has long been on
my "To-Play" list.
      Why haven't I?
      Honestly, I've been waiting for the 3DS cartridge.
      True, I could get a GameCube. The problem is... the graphics are meh...
      Let me explain. My first Ocarina of Time experience came on the 3DS.
By contrast, this sequel will feel like a step backwards, and it
      This is a problem to many gamers experiencing the series for the first
time. Though not a novice to gaming, I never owned a N64. I was a
Playstation kid. I switched over to Nintendo later in life. Yet I
share the same problem with someone whose first system is the 3DS.
      Nintendo, if you want new gamers to experience these games, you need
to HD-ize ALL of them. Some, like the 2D Zeldas, are perfect as is.
Leave them alone (or do whatever the hell you did in A Link Between
Worlds. That works, too).
      3D Zeldas are not so lucky.
      Majora's Mask is an exceptional game. This is the kind of game you
want to represent to the younger audience. This is a game that the
older audience will love. Look how people loved Wind Waker HD and OOT
      You already have a solid game. You're just updating it. Its easy
money. People want this.
      The 3DS and Wii U both have the power to not only update the game, but
also add slight improvements.
      Though simplistic, those are my thoughts on this issue. I have nothing
more to say but that I really REALLY want to see this thing happen.
      And I have a feeling plenty of you out there want this to happen, too.

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