Monday, July 11, 2011

Cinema Wins and Cinema Sins: Volume 6

- Jonah Hill and Mark Wahlberg are no strangers to buddy cop movies. Wahlberg stared with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys (Rent It). Hill will be starring with Channing Tatum is his adaptation of the tv series 21 Jump Street. But, now the two are joining forces to become the Good Time Gang. Hill and Wahlberg will play a pair of party-loving mercenaries who discover that their latest target is related to one of them. A win, because I just like Jonah Hill.

- Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, Mike and Molly) and Ryan Lee (Super 8) have now joined the cast of the Knocked Up spin-off, which is now rumored to be titled This is Fourty. The will play mother and son and will star along side stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann who are reprise their roles from Knocked Up. The film will also star Megan Fox (Great...) and Albert Brooks. Judd Apatow is directing. A win, because I loverd Knocked Up.

- Who doesn't love Christopher Walken? Answer: A lot of stupid people. Walken is awesome which is why the news that he will play Zeus in the film Gods Behaving Badly. The film ,based off of the Marie Phillips book of the same name, follow a couple (Alicia Sliverstone and Ebon Moss-Bachrach) as they discover a house full of Greek gods, now powerless, living together. As I said Walken will play Zeus, Edie Falco will play Artemis, Oliver Platt as Apollo, Sharon Stone as (You guessed it) Aphrodite and John Turturro as Hades. Christopher Walken plays a god, making Gods Behaving Badly, the first winner of the Win of the Week award.

- Last week I reviewed Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, which it seems was perfect timing because it was announced that plans to maked a Cloudy sequel were in the works. John Francis Daley (Sweets on Bones or the writer of Horrible Bosses, take your pick) will write the sequel, which is said to be an original idea and not an adaptation of the book's sequel Pickles to Pittsburgh. While it could have gone either way, a sin because I just didn't like the first movie.

- Many actors have played Dracula. And, arguably, none have been as good as the original Bela Lugosi. And now a new actor is ready to fight for the title of best Dracula. And that actor is: Adam Sandler! I think Lugosi's title is safe. Sandler will play the voice of Dracula in the new animated film Hotel Transylvania. Set to be released on September 21, 2012, Hotel follows a resort monster go to to get away from humans. Kevin James will play Frankenstein...MONSTER. (God, Frankenstein is the scientist. The monster's name is Frankenstein's Monster. Not just Frankenstien. FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER!) Sorry about that. Nerd Rage. Cee-Lo Green will play the Mummy. And Andy Samberg will play a human that screws thing up fot the hotel. David Spade, Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon also will star. A sin, because, while that idea is cool, Adam Sandler plays Dracula. Not good.

- Video game movies have a bad rap. Many are univeraslly hated by critics and fans alike, mainly do to adaptations of games whose plot is a rip-off of severalo different movies. Now Studios are deciding to do things differently by adapting video games that has no plot! Space Invaders is video game for the Atari 2600 (Because that is so relevant now) that followed you as you destroyed aliens. And that's it. So, at the very least, we'll be gettin a generic alien movie based off of a generic alien video game. Great...

- Remember how Rooster Teeth made a fake trailer for an Angry Birds movie. Well now Angry Birds is coming to the big screen for real this time. David Maisel, who helped Marvel becomes it's own movie studio, is in charge of overseeing new development in the Angry Birdsfranchise, includin, new games, toys and, you guessed it, a movie series. A sins, because, well, Angry Birds is about pigs that kidnap birds, so other birds try to rescue them by crashing into building. What a great plot for three 2-hour films.

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