Monday, July 25, 2011

Comic Con Crossover

Okay, so many of you might have watched or even gone to comic con. Well Alex didn't, and in his absense, he chose me, The Chapmaniac, to cover comic con for him. Many of you might (or might not) know that usually I'm on my own blog at ,but don't worry, I updated that over the weekend. So, let's not waste anymore time, let's jump into Comic Con 2011.

TV and Movies

-the new Spiderman is going to be in 3D. Now, you know ow Alex feels about 3D, how it's unneccessary and all that, but in this movie, the 3D looks like it could be a major part of this movie, like Avatar. The trailer, I admit, looks good in 2D, but upon seeing it, I just know it will look ten times better. Oh yeah, and SPOILER! It looks like The Lizard is the villain this time.

-rumors that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer where leaving Glee where put to rest by Exec. Producer Brad Falchuck. And rumors of a Glee spin-off have also been put to rest. Look like dreams really can come true.

-Jamie and Adam of the Mythbusters where at Comic Con to promote new episodes of Mythbusters, episodes that include them seeing if it's possible for a man to walk in a straight line blindfolded.

-Kristen Stewart, yes the Twighlight girl, had realeased some images of her Snow White character from the upcoming live-action movie. I'm still shocked that they looked at Bella and saw Snow White. Wow.

-The cast of Chuck discussed the serie's Final Series, in which Zachary Levi got choked up. Don't worry, I bet there's plenty of other shows that will ruin your career.

-Stephen Spieldberg and Peter Jackaon are teeming up to make the horriby titled Adventures of Tintin. Don't worry, it has Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, and Jamie Bell, so it will be at least decent.

-delighted fans got to see some exclusive Star Wars deleted scenes released in Anticipation for the Saga's Blu-ray release. Guys, chill, it's not like they're brand-new movies.

-Justin Timberlake just announced his upcoming Sci-Fi flick, In Time, at Comic Con. I've had enough of Timberlake, thank you very much.

-There was a peak at the new Brother's Grimm Movie, and all I can say is that either it will be really good and kick ass or it will epically suck. I really see no midde ground for that film.

Video Games

-not only will the XBox Kinect Star Wars Bundle will come with Kinect Star Wars, it will also come up with an R2-D2ed XBox 360 that beeps and everything. Very Cool.
Comic Books

-As James Rolfe (the Angry Video Game Nerd) pointed out at Comic Con when he was reporting both for Spike and, the Comics section is the least crowded part of comic con. Kinda sad, isn't it?

-The Ultimate Spider-man universe has just taken a dark turn. Apparently Peter Parker died(probabaly to be revived) ,and someone else put on the spandex, although who is never specified other than we know this person. Is it Harry? Is it Flash? Is it the Janitor? Who IS IT!!!????

-In more Ultimate News, a new Ultimate-like X-Men Comic was also released, with the publishers saying themselves that it will end badly, with the X-Men splitting. For some reason I don't care that much, anymore.

-Frank Miller announced his new graphic novel, Holy Terror, that has superheroes take on modern-day threats like Al-Queda.Originally intended to be a Batan Comic, D.C. quickly cut all traces of Batman off of the project and left Miller to defend his project as a "political work". Is that why it's called HOLY Terror?

So that was Comic Con 2011 at San Diego. So, eat your socks and wear your waffles, because... you know. See you later, Twighlight Haters.

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