Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cinema Won's Guide to Ratings

    As you may have noticed I have been switching how I rate movies when I review them. Sometimes, I grade them out of 10. Sometimes, I grade them out of 5. Other times, I may not grade them at all. But now I have finally gotten a ratings system I'm happy with, so this is a quick rundown of what the ratings mean. Simply put, I am going to give what I am review one of five ratings. 

WITH FRIENDS- So, this means that the movie is bad, but if you watch the movie with friends and make fun of it, you may find it will give you a fun time. So, basically, this is the so bad it's good rating. Example: the Transformers series.

SKIP IT- This one's pretty straight forward. Do not see this movie. There is little to no redeaming factor to this movie. Example: Miss March.

RENT IT- This one means that, while the movie is worth seeing, it isn't worth the full price of adimission. Rent the movie off of Netflix or Redbox. Example: I Am Number Four.

RECOMMENDED- This movie is good. Make an effort to go see it in theaters. I liked and I think you will too. Example: Thor.

MUST-SEE- If you do not see this movie in theaters, you have made a major mistake and should go punish yourself by playing Monopoly alone. Example: Super 8.

So there you have it. Next time I review something, I will give it one of these ratings. But, until then...
See you later.

P.S. Seriously go see Super 8 if you haven't already. You wouldn't be disappointed.

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