Wednesday, July 20, 2011

With Great Power Comes... Great Reboots?

    So, by now, many people have given their opinions on the new trailer for next summer's, The Amazing Spider-Man. And for the most part, the opinions have been this: "Wah, wah, the Sam Raimi one was better, wah, the effects are bad, wah, it different." Basically it's been a LOT of fanboy whining. I think the the trailer is awesome. I was a little unsure of the "dark and gritty" twist but they look like they've nailed it. And I am a HUGE Spider-Man fanboy.
    So, lets take a look at the major complains people have with the trailer. 1. Sam Raimi's was better. Well,  I guess people can either see into the future or they are making rash decisions based off of a whole 2 MINUTES of the full movie. 2. The effects suck. Yes, the effects aren't great. But it's not like they have a whole year to polish them. Oh, wait... 3. It's too different. This is the one that pisses me off the most. People were say that the Spider-Man series needed to change after the (Wrongfully beaten) third movie came out. And when they actually change it, it's "Like totally the end of Spider-Man. God, Marc Webb is a f*cking moron." Honestly, the trailer for this Spider-Man doesn't really look too different from the others. So, fanboys, please. Stop complain and accept the fact. Raimi's Spidey is gone. Webb's Spidey is here. And it is good.

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  1. Oh, don't listen to those arguements. Most of those people complain just for the sake of complaining. As Linkara explained in his Superman: At Earth's End Review (which featured Superman as a Muscle-Bound Santa Claus), most of the arguemants are things like, "oh, he'a too good" or "oh, he's too strong", which is actually the ideal superheroe. Same thing here, and probably for other heroes as well.