Tuesday, July 5, 2011


    As I mentioned is yesterday's CWCS I was going to preview movies coming out in 2013. And here it is!Now, this is not my "official" 2013 preview. This is just to inform you on movies you might not have known are coming out.
    The preview will be set up like this:


THE FILM'S TITLE- The film's release date/Cast/Plot summary


OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL- 3/8/13/James Franco/A man escapes from a circus only to find himself in the land of Oz, which is ruled by two evil witches.

THE CROODS- 3/22/13/Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds/In the prehistoric era, Leader of the Hut, Grug(Cage), is forced to leave his home and team up with the nomad Guy (Reynolds).

THE HOST- 3/29/13/Saoirse Ronan/With Twilight gone, this is a film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's other book which follows a human who resists being taken over by an alien.

IRON MAN 3- 5/3/13/Robert Downey Jr./While for now the plot is unknown, Jon Faveau has said that it will in some way involve the Mandarin, though with him no longer directing, that may not be true anymore.

FAST AND FURIOUS 6- 5/24/13/Vin Diesel, Paul Walker/As of now, the plot is unknown.

TURBO- 6/7/13/Ryan Reynolds/After a freak accident, a snail gains the power of super-speed and sets out to prove that he is the world's fastest snail.

MONSTER UNIVERSITY- 6/21/13/John Goodman, Billy Crystal/In this prequel to Monsters, INC, the story is told of how, while at the University of Fear, Mike and Sully were once rivals.

DESPICABLE ME 2- 7/3/13/Steve Carrel/The plot is not known at this point in time.

THOR 2- 7/26/13/Chris Hemsworth/The plot is yet to be known.

THE HOBBIT:THERE AND BACK AGAIN- 12/13/13/Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen/This is Part 2 of the Hobbit movies, continuing the story of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

And that's it. A quick preview of all of the major films coming out in 2013 that we now of so far. I will keep you up to date on these films when more is known about then. But, until then...
See you later.                                        

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