Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween 2012: The Undefined Gamer: I (Almost) Got Away With It

This is (almost) a Halloween post.

Fitting in with Halloween month, here is a show based off real
life murderers, and how they almost got away with it!

Yes, yes, yes. I know this seems like ANY other Criminal-FBI show
on Discovery Channel and Investigative Discovery Channel. Well, it is.

But that's not a bad thing by far. This show is half-narrated by
Real Cons as they tell of their crime, and their mad flight from
Justice. Some go years without detection. Some go days. Some go
decades. Some escape from prison. Some mame themselves. It's all good

This photo may or may not
be from the show.

    Although this is clearly any other FBI Propaganda show on ID, and
there is very little difference between this show and that Channel's
20 other shows with "FBI" in its name, this show does it well. It has
good pacing, narrating, reenacting, and dramatization, everything a
show like this needs to succeed.

And it definitely pays off. The show holds your attention the
whole time, and really does a good job of highlighting the
intelligence of the criminal mind, and the stress and drama these men
had gone through (one had a baby while on the run) (CW - A Man had
a baby while on the run!). Entertaining until the end, each episode really
had a big, lasting impression on me. Very
few flaws to point out, (other than originality) if you love crime
shows simply give this one a watch.

I [Almost] Got Away With It Gets 5 Stars Out Of Six

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