Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Watcher Watches TV: 10/3/12

Two posts in two days in a row and you guys thought I wouldn’t stick with this. Today for Jasper I will be posting as the Creeper (for one day only). This week only saw one hour of television shows due to the Presidential Debate, which is truly the best reality show on TV besides Honey Boo-Boo (just kidding Toddlers and Tiaras is better too).

"Someday, I'll be as tall as you."

The Middle: ABC Wednesdays at 8:00
This episode brought a lot of change to Frankie’s (Patricia Heaton) life as she is fired by Ellerd’s Used Cars and decides it is time to get a career from a Technical Institute. The great thing about Patricia Heaton in this show is that she is such a good actor you can’t even tell she played Debra in Everybody Loves Raymond and it shows she has a wide range of acting skills as long as she is a crazy, yelling mother. A great moment was when Frankie was fired and she didn’t want to cry and look crazy in the office and she made it until she forgot her purse and had to go back in. I don’t know what this means for Bob Katan’s character Bob as the only relationship was being Frankie’s coworker. When watching the technical institutes she thought she could be whatever was on TV from thinking a court stenographer was like a detective to thinking she is good with a computer (Come on she is a mom after all). For other characters they had smaller, but still funny storylines. Sue (Eden Sher) was living through a freshman who became super popular and Sue says it was because of her mentoring, but the good thing is that Sue finally has a friend is popular and it shows Sue’s growth to popularity as it is a sitcom at some point she will be popular. For Mike (Neil Flynn) he was disrespected when Brick (Atticus Shaffer) ignored him and his friends. What was great about the storyline is when Brick told Mike “when you are reading the newspaper and I try to talk to you I’m interrupting, but when I’m reading and you interrupt I get punished” which probably everyone has had their parents do to them. The best part of the episode was the end when Axl was still funny but was nice to Frankie and he showed that he can really show true character moments and character development. My favorite joke is when Ellerd said to Frankie about her firing “it is about seniority not age, but how long you have been here because you are plenty old”
“The Second Act” gets 5 stars out of 6.

The short review goes to the second show of two tonight.

"Did you put mousetraps in
the laundry again?"

Guys with Kids: NBC Wednesdays at 8:30
Marney (Tempest Bledsoe) wants a another kid and hopes it is a girl and Gary (Anthony Anderson) says no at first and then ultimately says yes then they say they have too many kids and they decide not to. Nick (Zack Cregger) drinks Sheila’s (Erinn Hayes) and they are both horrified. Emily (Jamie Lynn-Sigler) was very competive with Sheila and it was funny, but not great and Chris (Jesse Bradford) was just there throughout the show. Oh and a kid stole stuff. My favorite joke is when Marney and Gary played games to solve problems show one problem was a kid’s name “Shoots and ladders is why our kid is named Yoda and not after my father”.
“Marney wants a Girl” gets 3 stars our of 6.

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