Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" Review

Today, The Undefined Game actually reviews a video game!

Link embarks on an epic adventure full of Pirate Robots and Demon
Lords. This is truly his most epic one yet.
     The game centers around Link, as usual, this time a proud citizen
of the floating village of Skyloft, above the clouds, sent Skyward by
the Ancient Goddess to protect the humans from the Demon Lord, Demise
(this game's version of Ganon). I guess all the Gorons and Tree Folks
she just decided to leave to rot.
     Every year to knight new Knights of Skyloft there is a bird
competition in which initiates race their loftwing birds (because that
has a lot to do with knighthood). Needless to say, Link wins, and as a
result, gets some special alone time with Zelda (other than you know
the time he spends making kids with her in between games. Oh come on
in Ocarina of Time he even said "I will plague your children" and lo
and behold their bloodlines produce offspring. Besides, who else is
remotely Zelda's age in those games, excluding SS?). She pushes Link
off a statue, then goes bird riding with him. Yeah big whoop.
    And anyone who as seen the trailer would know it doesn't go too
well (she is knocked off her Loftwing by a tornado). The game from
there is basically Link going through different Temples, often
revisiting old ones, getting new items, purifying his Skyward Sword
into the Master Sword (umm... spoiler alert?), and all out just
kicking ass.

Who says Link isn't manly

    The controls for this game are excellent, despite how hard
getting used to piloting your bird can be. The Sword controls are to
die for though. And that is where this game stands above all other
hack and slash titles (despite the fact it's the first Zelda game
worthy of being considered one). The Sword controls are smooth as
hell. When you slash through something, you really belueve you
actually slashed through something. And that's extremely satisfying.
It makes you want to go out in the woods and cut through trees for
     The gameplay is just simply amazing. Flawlessly immigrating past
meets present puzzles, this game is truly unique from any other game,
even any other Zelda title, by allowing the player to revert whole
areas of land to their past state by a twang of an arrow, or a strike
of a sword. The puzzles are cleverly designed as usual, as are the
enemies and Boss fights. And yes, there is a Master Quest Mode (named
Hero Mode), but honestly, the game's hard as it is, but that's just
because it's made so well. I spent literally months figuring this game
out. And it was a labor of love. This game just seems to keep giving.
It just has so much content, with the most vast Zelda world to date.
     Now for the graphics. Could they've been better? Yeah I guess a
little. But they do no not in any way take away from the game. But
remember, they're stylized, and unlike Twilight Princess, they don't
shoot for realism. In fact if you look at a screenshot from this game,
particularly Link, he looks like one big watercolor painting, don't
better than any human could make him of course, though. The graphics
aren't bad in any way, they're just not as realistic as say the Zelda
Wii U demo, but yes compared to games like Super Smash Brothers Brawl
and Super Mario Galaxy, yes they could've been more detailed, they're
not perfect, but this game is not about flashy graphics like Call of
Duty, it's about gameplay and storyline, you know the meat of a game.
So yes, compare it to Call of Duty and no contest, Skyward Sword is
more creative and fun by a long shot. (NOTE: Any Call of Duty flamewar
will be extinguished immediately. -CW)

"Physics can go suck it!" -Link
   To simply say this game is perfect would be a slight
overstatement. It has slight flaws, some graphical, some to do with
certain bosses, but in the end Skyward Sword is an extremely
satisfying, fun game. Nintendo really went all out on this one. Everyone at one
point in their lives should play this game. I can't really see how you
can call yourself a gamer and not. The logic being that Zelda is one of the
most accomplished, if not THE most accomplished game franchises on the
Market, and Skyward Sword is THE Best Zelda Experience you can get. So
when you had it all up and ignore all the nitpicky crap about this,
you end up with The Undefined Ganer's (Really Mitch? -CW) first perfect score.


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