Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Watcher Watches TV: October 4- October 8 2012

    Sorry I’m so late on these reviews, but I have a lot of homework and The Watcher doesn’t have a lot of time left. This is a list of short reviews of the shows since Thursday with the worst shows of the night getting just a score review.

30 Rock: NBC Thursdays at 8
Liz Lemon (Emmy winner Tina Fey) is back for her final season and she has decided to help Jack Donaghy (Oscar and Emmy winner Alec Baldwin) bring down NBC by creating awful program with shows like the game show Homonyms where you have to guess the homonyms and it is always the other one. Favorite Joke: Everything to do with the show God Cop where Jack is actually God and he tries to solve crimes.
30 Rock gets 5 stars out of 6
The Office: NBC Thursdays at 9
The Office is finally funny again because Jim and Pam are funny again and they are making new friends because Jim is now good friends with Darryl and Pam is friends with Nelly. The fake ancestry that Andy is related to Michelle Obama and then everyone else thinks Andy had slaves was funny even though Andy isn’t. Favorite Joke: Asian Jim prank on Dwight including Pam kissing him and the Asian family picture.
The Office gets 4 ½ stars out of 6
Parks and Rec: NBC Thursdays at 9:30
Leslie’s storyline was super boring although Tom was funny, but April and Ben were hilarious and so was Ron meeting Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Spartacus). Favorite Joke: Andy’s tea party with the little girls.
Parks and Recs gets 4 stars out of 6

Sunday night all the shows tied.

Once Upon a Time gets 5 ½ stars out of 6
Revenge gets 5 ½ stars out of 6

666 Park Avenue gets 5 ½ stars out of 6

Monday has one show.

How I Met Your Mother gets 4 ½ shows out of 6.

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