Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "Petz Catz 2/Dogz 2" Review

What? Two posts in one week? Man Mitch, you crazy!

Note: The reason I chose this cover over
the Dogz covers is because this one
is infinitely more creepy.

Hello. This is Mitch formerly from The Undefined Gamer again. Today
we're going to talk about what happens when a bullsh*t company like
Ubisoft that sh*ts out 30 games a year, decides to rip off classic
 RPGs like Pokemon, only this time with no creativity
whatsoever. Wonder what piece of sh*t happens when these two elements
mix? You're looking at them.
    Just to make something clear Dogz 2 and Catz 2 are essentially the
same game. There is exactly no change storywise, except that one game
has only Cat Sprites for Characters and one has only Dogs, much like
pairs of Pokemon versions from the same year have different pokemon
appear in them. The difference: while Pokemon likes to switch around
the storyline and the different pokemon that appear in each game have
noticeable stat differences, Catz/ Petz 2 has the same, repetitive
BS sidequests and characters, including items, as its
counterpart. Buy one, you've bought both. On second thought why don't
you not buy this and buy pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Believe me, it's
worth it.
Hypno-toad's new best friend.

    Now to be fair, Ubisoft could've stuck with the same, generic pet
simulator Nintendogs ripoff that the majority of their DS games have
done, and you do see some effort in the game. You really get a feel
for each characters personality like in a Zelda game, despite the lack
of voice-acting, and the plot for this kind of game isn't all that
bad: A wolf named Ivlet tricks the town out of their most powerful
weapon, the Magic Hat, and wrecks the town as a result of that. Heck,
the game even has sense enough to lock up the dumbass companion who
suggested to see Ivlet IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT and to let him see the
goddam hat!
     And yes, although not amazing, the game does have a pretty good
soundtrack and Boss design, even though said battles can often be
idiotic (you throw pebbles at a dragon and that somehow knocks it
out). But then again this whole game is not meant meant to be logical.
Talking cats? And since when does a tornado go away by throwing a
pebble in it? WHAT'S WITH THIS GAME AND PEBBLES? Are the all-powerful
or something? Next time I battle Ganondorf, I'll be sure to pack some.
    The minigames, for the most part, are half done. Yes although a
couple are fun and enjoyable, most are just downright lazy, and some
just calibrated motion controls completely wrong to win them you'll
just have to be lucky. It's funny because outside of that, the motion
controls are pretty good, although unnecessary. The graphics are
pretty standard, too, just a notch under The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward
Sword's. (Note: I thought you said Zelda's graphic were good. Catz 2
looked like crap. -CW)

Hey look. Dogz.
    Overall, this is a standard Wii game. Although some parts
do shine through, mostly the soundtrack (the most memorable thing about
the game), the game is just simply bogged down by Ubisoft's laziness.
Could this game have been better? Given a few more years of development
and a better concept, yes definitely (talking cats... meh) 
(Note: That would make a completely different game than this -CW). Yet
unfortunately because of its soundtrack, this game remains a guilty
pleasure of mine. And yes, I do not own them. Both belong to my
sister. Thanks for asking.


which translates into a Cinema Won....

3 out of 6 Stars.

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