Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Extrava-Christmas 2012: "A Fairly Odd Christmas"

The Undefined Gamer also happens to like Christmas.
I wished it so.

    This time around, Timmy Turner (Drake... Bell, ungh), and Tootie
(Danella Monet, because she sooo pulled off Tootie last time), have
managed to make Santa act as if he were on drugs! If you're as in
shock as I was that The Fairly Odd Movie (see the review for THAT on
The Undefined Gamer), got a sequel, this little plot twist here might
land you in a coma. Well, I'm not getting paid by the hour (or, well,
at all), so let's untangle this mess as fast and painless as possible,
shall we?
    At the end of The Fairly Odd Movie, 23 year old Timmy Turner got to
keep his fairies and Tootie if he only wished for other people. He
abuses this by granting kids their christmas gifts, no matter how
ridiculously early. As this puts many people in danger and renders
Santa, well, useless, Timmy is escorted by two elfs to the North Pole
to discuss what he did wrong, and why he is on the Naughty List.
    Mr. Crocker (played by the same man that voices him in the show),
tags along, as he has been on the Naughty List all his life, and
seeks to change it. However, Timmy manages to knock out Santa while
trying to fix something using magic (the spell went haywire because
elf magic supposedly repels fairy magic, or some BS like that. It was
kinda... never explained). Santa's concussion renders him in an
ever-changing loop of crazy.

Yep, It's Christmas alright.
    However then Jorgen Von Strangle, who fans will recognize as the
head fairy (also played by his respective voice actor), shows up with
Da Rules. Apparently if a godchild injures a holiday icon, they have
to replace them until they are on their feet (The Santa Clause
anyone?). Except Timmy can't replace Santa because he is, well, on the
naughty list. And a Naughty Santa sneaking around little children's
houses at night is just plain inappropriate. Meanwhile Mr. Crocker
blends in by shoveling reindeer poop.
    The only way to get off the Naughty List is to visit Elmore the
Elder Elf, the keeper if the Naughty List. The way there is quite
dangerous, but don't worry, Timmy is gladly ready to throw away his
life for Christmas! (I would too!- CW) Mr. Crocker tags along to team up
with Drake Bell in their comedy ways during the trip.
    Along the way, Timmy puts himself in danger to save others, which
gets him taken off the Naughty List. Timmy then
rushes back to Santa's workshop and saves christmas for the 2nd....
3rd.... time?

    All in all, this is an enjoyable movie for any fan of the cartoon.
The jokes work for the most part, while it sticks true to the cartoon.
In fact a little too well. Not that that's bad, but for a live action
film, it just comes off as a little too cartoony. I mean, this would
work great, maybe even better if it had been animated. Like The Fairly
Odd Movie, the live action works, but just barely. And when I mean
barely, I mean barely not awkward. Plus, Timmy's dad gets a pony that
poops ice cream. And isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

A Fairly Odd Christmas gets 4 and a half glasses of eggnog out of 6

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