Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Extrava-Christmas: "Disney's A Christmas Carol"

The Undefined Gamer close out Christmas
with a classic. Well, the remake of a classic.
    As this movie has been spoofed and rebooted a bajillion times, as
you can expect, I wasn't expecting much. Well this is Disney, and if
there's one thing they know how to do (other than making amusement
parks), it's how to make movies. So naturally, this movie works.
    Do I really need to explain the storyline to you? This movie follows
Scrooge (not McDuck), a wealthy business owner who happens to be the
stingiest old man in London. He has a nephew (who you may recognize
from Nanny McPhee) and a total of one worker in Bob Cratchet. Like his
partner, Marley (his first name... is not Bob), Scrooge is scheduled
to die on Christmas day. Because death is the true meaning of
    As you should know, Scrooge is visited by three ghosts that make him
change his ways. Actually four, if you count Bob.... I mean Marley.
The ghosts have received revamps not seen in any other rendition of
ACC, however, these revamps actually sort of take away from the
holiday spirit of the movie. The ghost of Christmas Present is the
scariest ghost of all (due to his creepy death scene, where he is
laughing the whole time). The ghost of Christmas Past is fine, and the
ghost of Christmas Future (a.k.a. the Grim Reaper) serves his purpose
well, though he doesn't seem to go above and beyond in any way.

    Is this the best rendition of A Christmas Carol? I certainly cannot
think of many that really even come close (though the Muppet's
Christmas Carol
proves to be stiff competition). The CGI works and
this certainly proves to be the most creative and well-planned out
reboot in terms of animation and just how the scenes play out (Scrooge
gets shrunk to a minuscule size at one scene, and goes for a spin on
the rooftops of London).
    This turns out to be the best telling of A Christmas Carol, however it
also is the most unnecessary. This has simply beem done so many times
that there are a handful of tellings that fly barely below this film,
that makes this movie barely worth it (for instance, the one with
Mickey Mouse characters, before his personality was sucked out of him
and he was plopped into a toddler's show). However, in terms of
quality, this is no fruit cake. It's worth a watch, just barely, even
if you've seen forty million other tellings of this tale like I've
had, but like Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, if you've never experiences
A Christmas Carol, this is the best place to start. But if you've
already experienced it, well, watch this if you have time to waste.
Merry Christmas!
Disney's A Christmas Carol gets five Christmas gooses out of six

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