Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Undefined Gamer Reviews "Catching Fire"

 The Book.
    Yah, it's no surprise. This is a good book. It's suspenseful,
creative, horrifying, and is a true page turner in every sense of the
word. Yet it is not a satisfying novel. This may be due to conflicting
elements such as romance (which is really weak), horror (a huge part
of the book, surprise surprise), science fiction (it... works), and of
course some other thing. What the f**k am I saying, there is no other
    This time around, Katniss and Peeta (is Peeta some hillbilly
version of Peter?), are on their Victory Tour, where Uprisings are
imminent. Turns out people in the Districts aren't buying Katniss and
Peeta's little fake love affair, as does President Snow, who
"suggests" they try harder to be more... convincing. Well, let's just
say it didn't quite go as planned.
    This year is the 75th Anniversary of President Snow's half-assed,
poorly planned out Hunger Games to keep the Districts in order.
Because if I saw my children getting murdered I'd surely want to
follow the man responsible. And the fact that there are constant food
shortages in the Districts while people in the Capitol (great name for
the capital, Suzanne Collins), gorge themselves for fun (I'm not...
    Anyways, the 75th marks another Quarter Quell, basically an even
harder-assed version of the Hunger Games. This time, only past victors
can be reaped. So Peeta and Katniss gets to go in and kill each other
    If you have just read this, you're probably rolling your eyes
right now. I know I was. I actually had to put the book down and
process this stupid little plot twist. Basically Suzanne Collins
pulled it so the plot halfway through would be almost the same as the
first! What is this Mario? Ah, but never fear, the victors put a new
spin in it, as these are no scared kids, these are full blown killers!
Meanwhile, the rebellion rises.
   Catching Fire may not be a satisfying book, but it sure as hell
makes me want to know what happens next. It is beautifully written,
including far more literary devices than its predecessor, and depicts
well a very believable struggle between a corrupt government and a
teenage girl only seeking to live. I can see this book transitioning
very well to film and definitely doing far better in the box office
than the Hunger Games. By the way, sorry for spoiling the next movie.

                                  Catching Fire gets 6 stars out of 6

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