Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Undefined Gamer Review Pirates 1 Plus Awfully Direct Update

    First things first. Awfully Direct is going on a short hiatus. Don't worry, I am sticking with the show. However, for a number of reasons, I have to temporarily hold off on releasing new episodes. Mainly, I need to catch up my Netflix queue with some other new movies I plan to review. Also, I need to get a few episodes of Awfully Direct written before I start posting them. By letting myself have three weeks worth of episodes, I always have an episode or two on hand in case of future problems. So, Awfully Direct will return with new episodes on February 4 (Or sooner), and be sure to look out for a Christmas marathon soon. And now, here's Mitch with some pirates.
    After the fourth failed installement of the Pirates series, I
decide to revisit an old friend for comfort. Lo and behold, Captain
Jack still has some good in him.
    The storyline follows Captain Jack Sparrow in his quest to reclaim
his ship, the Black Pearl, on a courageous buccaneering trip that
would have him face his old first mate, Barbados, in a adventure
including cursed Aztec gold, Zombified pirates, and lots and lots of
Piratey action.
The sword looks so real.
     I don't know what works better, the action or the humor. Both are
great, and shows to you just how well the script was written. It works
in almost every way, and never gets tripped up by half developed plot
devices and themes, unlike... some movies I have recently reviewed.
This movie proves it is worthy of a Lego spoof, even though the other
three really don't.
    This movie is just great. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.
(Editor's Note: How have you not seen this movie yet?- CW)
Seriously, go to Netflix now and rent it. For Pirate movies, I can
only think of one (Treasure Island) that pulls off the buccaneer
better than this movie. Now please, don't burn all the rum. You'll
need it for the other three.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl gets 5.5 stars out if six.

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