Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Extrava-Christmas: "The Smurfs Christmas Carol"

The Undefined Gamer vs The Smurfs.
My money's on the Smurfs.
    The Christmas Carol has been so overdone, spoofed, and all around
beaten to death. Did we need a Smurfs version? Well the damn producers
just HAD to have pulled something Christmassy out of their asses for
the kiddies. So there's your answer.
    This rendition of The Smurfs follows Grouchy, who refuses to help
decorate and put the star on top of the Christmas tree due to the fact
that every year he asks for a handglider, and every year he gets the
same old hat. This leads to Grouchy getting haunted by three ghosts.
Yadda yadda yadda.
    Apparently without Grouchy, The Smurfs don't know how to Christmas
right (everything ends up burning down), so to cheer everybody up,
they go to the Dark Forest to get a replacement tree. Gargamel
captures them here.
What? What do you means it's Christmas?
     Also we find out that Papa Smurf custom makes each hat to fit each
Smurfs needs. This somehow changes Crotch's heart. It shouldn't.
Grouchy did wait patiently and take the same hat (he even stated he
didn't need it), waiting patiently for what he really wanted. Papa
Smurf, however, is an jerk. Instead of oh, actually listening, he
 just goes with the hat idea. I mean come on! There's being
grateful and then there's being ridiculous! I think if you waited 82
Christmases for something, not caring and giving up hope and not
exactly feeling the Christmas vibes are understandable. The lesson
makes no sense!
    The fact that the whole Smurf village can be annihilated by one Smurf
not decorating says a lot. All because some idiot thinks people need
800 hats in their lifetime. Screw that. The lesson should be "don't
give people the same gift every year", because honestly it's really
f**king annoying. And like Grouchy, you won't have people wanting to
exchange gifts with you. That's your lesson kids.
"This should kill him nice and quiet"
    The animation starts out as CGI (like in the movie), but he ghosts
scenes are a modernized spin to the original cartoon (I reviewed it in
TUD), and gives a good comparison to the two styles. For once, I have
to say the CGI actually looks better. Good move.
    Other than the crappy lesson, there is very little to talk about. The
animation is fine, the script is bland, the special is not engaging,
and I wish I didn't watch it. Gargamel isn't even funny! He was the
best part of the movie! (see THAT review on TUD). Smurf you, special,
Smurf you! That's the true smurf of Christmas.
The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol gets 2 gingerbread houses out of 6

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