Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Revelation

Isthis the potential new Star Wars?
Only time will tell.
    At this current point, I had not been exposed to the many of the
Star Wars literature available to fans, just the Jedi Apprentice,
Jedi Quest, and a few books about Anakin Solo when I was a kid.
Full-scale, balks out Star Wars books like this I had not yet read. So
this book was the first one I read, sort of like a "gateway" for me
that got me into these books.
    And what a gateway it was. Revelation takes place 40 years after
episode IV, with Luke Skywalker head of the still young Jedi Order,
which due to complicated matters including Han Solo's kid, Jacen, who
has gone Sith, the Jedi have been separated from government and are in
hiding mostly because Jacen Solo now controls the Galactic Alliance,
which replaced the New Republic established at the end of episode VI.
Meanwhile, Boba Fett returns to Mandalore to find out his father,
Jango was the hereditary "leader" of the planet, which makes Boba Fett
the new leader.
    Mandalore, my friends, is the greatest place the books ever
conceived. In fact, even the Clone Wars portrayal of the Bounty-hunter
planet is arguably the show's most popular location. But Boba's
troubles are not done as his wife, Sintas Veil, is discovered frozen
in carbonite at some dead gangster's house, and he has to nurse her
back to health. This is ironic because Ailyn Veil, his daughter tried
to kill him, only to get captured by Jacen Solo, who later killed her,
and he currently has his granddaughter, Mirta, living with him. Matters
only heat up when Jaina Solo, Jacen's twin, shows up at his doorstep
wishing to learn from him how to kill her brother, for he is too far
gone to the Dark Side. What can he say, the man killed his daughter?
    Meanwhile again, there is a minor, but not out of place mission
Ben Skywalker, Luke's son, goes on to prove it was Jacen who killed
his mother, Mara Jade, despite Jacen attesting to the opposite. It was
*dun dun dunn*
    Meanwhile again, Admiral Daala teams up with Pallaeon, who is
now in retirement and took over the Imperial army after Vader croaked,
to kick Jacen's ass with a makeshift fleet. So in this book, Jacen
Solo (his Sith name is Darth Caedus), is making all kinds of friends.
He has Boba Fett, Pallaeon, and Luke Skywalker on his ass. All because
he chose to be a Sith jerk. Han, why am I not surprised it was your
son who went to the Dark Side?
    This being the first book of this caliber I've read, I had a very
minuscule knowledge of the canon. But I was able to get or learn
every reference despite that. It reads well. It's entertaining. And it
gives a couple welcoming nods to some of Karen Traviss's other Star
Wars books, which take place years before during the clone wars, which
I probably will review on this blog, for they have some of my favorite
story arcs.
    The action in this is good, but the descriptive language and
literary devices, not so much. Then again this book is mainly to
entertain, not to make you think. And that can be said even with the
movies. The canon is easy to get caught up on, all you need is a
basic knowledge of all six films to enjoy this. And it does set up
what will hopefully be an emotion duel between brother versus sister,
another Jedi versus Sith, and as they happen to be twins, it makes it
all the more personal...
Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Revelation gets 4 and a half stars out of 6

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